FusionX is a community of like-minded inventors, visionaries, and supporters that has come together in a common space to explore fusion energy

The Idea

With like-minded inventors, visionaries, and supporters we can come together in a common space and share ideas/inventions related to clean energy. An open source platform for a cleaner and sustainable future

The Plan

Build the FusionX ecosystem and be supported both through traditional fiat purchases of fusion technology developed by the team, and the cryptocurrency to afford discounts to purchasers and fund educational endeavors of schools, enthusiasts, and other organizations.

The Outcome

Bridge the gap between STEM-related grants, technological advancement, and higher education through the distribution of our technology. Support technological advancements that benefit the planet and humanity.

Why Blockchain?

Fusion Coin

Developed to support research, development and education in S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering and math) fields. Core team will utilize their funds to develop fusion, other sources of clean energy, development of green technologies, globally beneficial and philanthropic ventures, and also support the work of other professionals in the space. In addition, long range goals include developing the Fusion Rewards program to fund and encourage educational developments for schools and hobbyists to learn in these important fields that are often underfunded. Many grants for S.T.E.M. research go unclaimed, and fusionX hopes to both avail of this funding and network others with these grants to fund their research.

The Purpose

Build small manageable fusion reactors and market them to schools/programs with government S.T.E.M. funding. On the other side of government funded purchases of our fusors through S.T.E.M. allocated funding, the object is to award bounties for students, teachers, and supporters for their media content with fusionX products. So FUSION will be bought/sold for product moving in and out. That's the first phase. Beyond that, we have plans for other areas of technology that will work in a similar fashion and be geared towards government funded opportunities.


Q1 2019

Core Development


Multi-platform Wallet


Create Content for Promotion


First Exchange Listing




Q2 2019

Source Material for Prototype Fusion Reactor


Create FusionX Information Video


New Exchange Listing


New Website Rollout


Q3 2019

Source Additional Material for Prototype Fusion Reactor and Test Progress


Create Social Content


New Exchange Listing


Live Stream Plasma Event


Q4 2019

Create Fusion Energy!


Prepare Presentation for Demo Version of Reactor at School/Media


Develop Rewards Structure for Fusioneers and Content Creators


Live Stream Fusion


Build Progress

Live Stream Build One
Live Stream Build Two
Power Supply at Work
Build Progress


Coin Details

Algorithm: X11

Masternode / PoS

120s Block Time

20M Max Supply

5% Premine

10,000 Masternode Collatoral

Block Rewards

Block 0 - 50,000 (25) Fusion

Block 50,001 - 100,000 (20) Fusion

Block 100,001 - 150,000 (15) Fusion

Block 150,001 - 200,000 (10) Fusion

Block 200,001 - beyond (5) Fusion

Block split: 70% MN / 30% PoS