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Summary of BitcoinVN’s allegation

On November 6th, 2019, BitcoinVN News published the article “Insights from the clown world that is the asian “blockchain industry” in order to slander, lash out, humiliate CEO Trang Phung and discredite Bvnex
Until now, Bvnex has not released any official information to protect the honor of the CEO as well as the reputation of Bvnex and protect the trust that investment funds, partners and users have given to Bvnex since its inception phase.
Perhaps, with a certain understanding, and awareness should be concerned about what is truly more valuable, the community did not pay much attention to this story. And, with the concept of “Big stories turned out small stories, small stories turned out nothing” we, Bvnex also used to hope that this “poison” will soon disappear.
However, after unsuccessful making efforts to solve this stories in peaceful way, Bvnex is responsible for explaining to users, partners and the whole community
These slanderous and mocking words can be summarized in the following two bullet points

  • Trang Phung – Bvnex’s CEO, has pretended to be COO of BitcoinVN and acted fraudulently.
  • Bvnex Exchange took the establishment history of BitcoinVN and pretended to be part of BitcoinVN. At the same time, Bvnex arbitrarily included Dominik Weil (the real COO of BitcoinVN) on the list of co-founders, under the name of Co-founder & brand founder.

Therefore, in this press release, we will focus on providing information, confronting and rejected the two false allegations above.
To do this, we will analyze based on the relationship between CEO Trang Phung and BitcoinVN then between BitcoinVN and Bvnex.

The relationship between CEO Bvnex Trang Phung and BitcoinVN

Trang Phung joined BitcoinVN from 2017. From 2017 to 2019, Trang held various positions including Project Manager – Business Development Manager – COO (Chief Operations Officer). In July 2019, Trang left the BitcoinVN team and established a new exchange named Bvnex. And the film directed by BitcoinVN starts here.

Trang Phùng personated herself a COO of BitcoinVN?

The answer is absolutely no.

Trang does not claim to be the COO of BitcoinVN. Because of difficulties and not enough money to pay for Trang, BitcoinVN agreed to share BitcoinVN Cloud (Maytrade)’s share and give the COO title of Maytrade Group ( at that time, BitcoinVN Cloud was originally named Maytrade), however at that time, this team decided to use the name BitcoinVN Cloud instead of Maytrade.
Moreover, on the official Facebook Fanpage of BitcoinVN, there is still a post about the Trang Phung-COO BitcoinVN joined the discussion panel at the Fourth Industrial Revolution conference and legal issues organized by the Ministry of Justice at the end of  May 2019.

Link that post on  Bitcoin Vietnam (BitcoinVN):
Important, Dominik – the founder of BitcoinVN, has acknowledged the title COO of Trang Phung at BitcoinVN

Trang was fired by bitcoinvn because of – fraudulent?

The answer to the first clause is no. As for the latter, Bvnex will have questions for BitcoinVN.

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In July, Trang wrote a mail to Dominik asking to leave the team. Later, Dominik with Trang and Leo (Co-founder of Bvnex) to establish Bvnex (which BitcoinVN called this incident to impersonate, self-use information and personal images of BitcoinVN, of Dominik that they were not aware of). know).
The whole stories was confirmed by Dominik himself and BitcoinVN by posting the “BitcoinVN team member Trang moves on to create BVNEX”.
You can search for this article on Google. Unfortunately, the article has been removed from [?]

The thing is, people can lie, but the evidence is not.
Now, the problem of the following sentence – “because of fraudulent”.
The article of BitcoinVN denounced that Trang Phùng was fraudulent, we would like to ask: who was frauded by her, for what purpose and when???
If this accusation is made when Trang is the CEO of Bvnex, we need a clear explanation from BitcoinVN. Because, this not only affects Trang’s honor, but it can adversely affect the psychology of investors, partners, users of Bvnex trading platform, and the community that loves and supports Bvnex.

  • Why after leaving, the title COO of Trang Phung at BitcoinVN was denied?
  • Why did the word “leave the team”, Trang became the one fired, and slandered as a scammer?
  • Why did BitcoinVN delete the announcemnent for article “BitcoinVN team member Trang moves on to create BVNEX” – Trang’s establishment of BitcoinVN floor with the participation of Dominik?

The relationship between Bvnex and BitcoinVN

BitcoinVN denied the role Bvnex co-founder of Dominik?

Totally False.

Bvnex was founded in July 2019, by Trang Phung, Leo and Dominik. This is information that has been posted publicly on the Bvnex website. And, this information was mentioned in the article “BitcoinVN team member Page moves on to create BVNEX” on the news website of BitcoinVN.
Bvnex never borrowed Dominik’s reputation. Dominik was the Co-founder of Bvnex from the very beginning. Dominik himself left the Bvnex’s Co-Founder board and does not have any responsibility for the project has begun. If you understand the story, you know that when you leave a project, you need a proposal to support the rest of the people who pursuing the project.
Now BitcoinVN denies Dominik’s existence in the project.

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Bvnex self- admitted to be the “successor” of BitcoinVN?

The answer is no.

Bvnex did not pretend to be the “successor” of BitcoinVN. Ever since the establishment of Bvnex, pitch decks sent to investors have been sent to Dominik by Leo and got approved. It also states that Bvnex is an exchange product according to the historical roadmap with BitcoinVN.

Surely, you also realize that this story also has the appearance of Leo – the co-founder of Bvnex.

Relationship between Leo Liu and Dominik

Leo and his team founded Expread at the end of 2017. It provides a whole technology solution for establishing blockchain asset exchanges.. At the end of 2018, Leo cooperated with Dominik to build and develop and Accordingly, Expread is in charge of technology for these two platforms and BitcoinVN team is in charge of marketing and operation.
Leo’s Expread has met the requirements of BitcoinVN and completed on time the trading platform by the beginning of 2019. During 8 months of product development, Expread bears all maintenance costs, servers, even create relationships with partners in China to bring Ontology listing on Bitcoinvn cloud (by Trang Phung undertook).
According to Leo, during the cooperation process, BitcoinVN did not complete its role and responsibility. BitcoinVN has no strategy for developing and operating businesses; without any investment in marketing or community and unclear about money …
Expread was bear the loss alone plus not seeing the serious attitude and real action to develop from the BitcoinVN team at that time. Therefore, since July, Leo has been talking to Dominik about creating a new product branch that is the original idea of Bvnex. Dominik totally agrees and becomes a founding member. Moreover, Dominik wrote an explanation and a formal announcement for this.
The story of Leo, Expread with Dominik, BitcoinVN, please read more here: Leo Liu- Cofounder Bvnex response to defamatory attacks by BitcoinVN
Therefore, it was clear that all of this story: Dominik had known and agreed from the beginning

  • Why does BitcoinVN deny the role of Dominik’s co-founder at Bvnex?
  • Why was Bvnex slandered as impersonating BitcoinVN when this was approved by the parties?
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Bvnex’s unsuccessful conciliation efforts

Bvnex is being evaluated as an exchange with the “rapid” development speed. Within a few months, Bvnex has received great attention from investment funds such as MXC, Genesis, … and the support of the cryptocurrency community.
Suddenly at a beautiful day, the name Bvnex became the focus of an article on the news website of another exchange.
At first, Bvnex was silent not because there was nothing to present. Actually, being a new exchange, Bvnex still has many things to develop, and many important tasks must be highly concentrated. Bvnex is promoting cooperation, listing more new coins / tokens such as ONT, OKB, XMX, … Meanwhile we want to “make matters to nothing”.
Therefore, Bvnex tried to come up with a method of conciliation. That is, the two sides agreed to sign the BVNex agreement to stop using the name Dominik and BitcoinVN. In contrast, BitcoinVN is not allowed to continue to defame Bvnex and in the future has no right to return to claim shares.
As a result, BitcoinVN did not want to sign that agreement.

  • Why is BitcoinVN still so passionate about the fight against Bvnex?
  • What are the episodes still being nurtured by the director BitcoinVN?

We don’t have a clue
But, under the position of fabricators and slanderers, we are responsible for “correcting” and clarifying each problem.
As an exchange and a project in the blockchain industry, we want to warn the community against intrigues, fabrications and insults. Be alert and careful with stories that may soon be added. We will not explain more other false statements that may be released after this article.
To conclue, Bvnex hopes that the evidence and interpretation above has helped the community understand the story. Humans may lie, but not evidence. We believe that you think so too.
We know that there may be more false posts targeting us soon. Really, only the free and weak people take the time to do those things. We will just focus on developing Bvnex, creating core values for users and the Vietnamese community.

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